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Thoughts on "Generation Bangladesh" Article in The Daily Star

In Generation,Ideology,Leadership,Politics on 28 April 2008 by Incidental Blogger

[the post is written in first person as an open letter to the article author]


Dear Salahuddin,


I have recently read this Daily Star article of yours with interest. Otherwise an intriguing piece, I am somewhat at a loss on some of the points. I would only discuss three of them:





You wrote about Generation-B enthusiastically but you did not tell us the values they actually stand for, or the kind of principles they adhere to. You see, “ideologies” or their “baggages” are not necessarily bad things. Nations moved, nations shaked, nations aspired–not always with mobile phones or laptops. For examples do please look at the emerging economies of the last few decades or you may want to go even a bit further back in the history. Just because someone carries a mobile phone and a laptop does not mean that you have a world leader in the making.
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