Proposed EU Directive with Possible Human Rights Implications

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I just came across the news of a proposed European Union Directive which is going to be submitted before the European Parliament on 18 June 2008. This is the very first Directive subjected to the co-decision procedure seeking EU Parliament’s involvement in EU law making, which, quite ironically, was aimed at ameliorating the perceived democratic deficits in the European system. The Directive in question will be dealing with issues of deportation and detention of “illegal” immigrants.


Concerns regarding the human rights implications of this directive have already been voiced by several quarters which include an online petition (available here). I am quoting here the key parts of the petition:


Since 1990, the policies of European governments with respect to immigration and asylum have resulted in a continuous reduction of the guarantees and fundamental protections of the people they affect. Europe is becoming a locked-down fortress and uses disproportionate means to prevent access to its territory and to deport unauthorised migrants. The project before the European Parliament, if it were to be adopted, would represent yet another regression.


In foreseeing detention that could be extended up to 18 months for people whose only offence is to want to live in Europe, it holds to an inhuman logic : generalizing a policy of confinement for aliens could become the normal way of treating migrant populations. In establishing a five-year ban from Europe for all people who are expelled, this project stigmatises the illegal immigrants and transforms them into delinquents who must be deported.


In the words of Erich Brost of Oxford Law Faculty:


“For those of us who are horrified at the concentration camp mentality that has taken hold of many European administrations, this is a chance to exercise our democratic right to speak out and take advantage of the few democratic opportunities within the European context.”


For the concerned, here is the petition open for signing:


Please spread the word.


Note: According to sources, the UK government has chosen to opt out of its provisions.


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